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Great tutorial. Better than ACD mag.
It is expensive but worth the taste. I know the price is even steep here. But it is good. It does stack well if you make sure it is stiff enough. It should not move. Have fun.
If you are talking about the box mix. Yes I have tried it and it is like the whipped topping. My oldest son loves it. And he uses it when he needs to do a cake.
The first year book is 73. All others were catalogs, made that way. I have all year books and pattern books plus 40 + others that wilton has put out. That is not counting the 100 + other sugar books that I have collected. Love them all and still adding to my library.
I always follow the recipe and use unsalted butter. Still too butter for my taste. Love to work with it though.
Ok lads and ladies the oldest year book was 73. I was with Wilton when it celebrated 30 years teaching. Three years ago. Though I have two different ones dated 70 both are same cover different inside. The quarterly books that came out before that was compiled into a series of books called Celebrate. The oldest book put out by Wilton I don't know. But I have one put out in 56. And it was a recopy of a 55 book. I know that I have all the yearbooks and all but the 70...
I don't like BC nor do I like IMBC. The first to sweet the second the butter after taste lasts two long in my mouth. I put on only the smallest amount of icing that I can get away with. Love Chocolate Fondant and gumpaste to work with. JMHO
At the store bakery where I work they use a dark chocolate cake with the coconut icing and call it german. I think that the "german" chocolate that makes the cake taste good cause it isn't deep chocolate to take away from the icing.
Wow that is going to be a head scratcher for me. Heres a bump to keep you out there. I would talk more with the bride and possibly draw a cake design to show what she wants and where she wants it. Sorry no help here.
I also am from AZ. My first thought is if he is retiring have him/her going into the sunset. With cactus and all.
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