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The blow dryer trick works like a dream
I see it! Thanks - my eye sight isn't what it used to be despite the fact that I am now wearing glasses! Thanks again
Thanks jaybug - but when you get onto the galleries page there is no longer an upload option there?????
I need help please - I would like to upload a cake pic or two and can't seem to find the upload button anymore? Or is it just old age catching up with me faster than I would like it to?Thanks in advance for your patience
It happened to me recently too! I made a wonky halloween wedding cake. I assembled at home (in hind sight not a wise move) and it was perfect for 6+ before I transported it. By the time I got to the venue it has started to collapse. Another factor working against me was extreme heat (sugarpaste icing refusing to set or else buckling in the extreme heat). I was lucky enough to have brought loads of skewers with me and managed to prop up the cake and try and cover the damage...
You "feed" the cake with alcohol (usually Brandy, but can be to your taste) every week. but don't freeze inbetween. Wrap well with wax paper, then tinfoil and then plastic wrap and it will be perfect. Once you cake has matured you can freeze it if wrapped correctly. Don't worry about it going off - the alcohol and the sugar preserves the cake.
Black cherries and chocolate ganache with cream is really delicious. Chocolate with a caramel filling works well too.
I normally just paint it with silver lustre dust and an edible paint base without colouring the sugar paste first and that works for me
With reference to the oven tip I posted yesterday - Please note that the oven is off - its just a gentle heat which helps to dry out the transfer enough so it comes off the backing easily without tearing.
Funny I have been having problems too - and have been using them without incident for a couple of years now. Could be a change in the weather. I have been given the following tips - place the transfer onto a dvd player for approx 1/2 hour and this will dry it out sufficiently to ensure easy removal from the backing or alternately turn on your oven 100'C for 2-3 mins, turn off and place transfer inside for 10 mins, remove from backing and place it on your cake. The oven...
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