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The Wilton website has a few recipes...
Thanks havnfun, Ill give that a try Any other tips?
Ive done candy and cake balls and all that stuff in the past, I know how to dip... My question is when you have 3 marshmallows on a stick its pretty tall - what is the easiest way to get them completely covered? A deep bowl?Thanks!
Wow!!!! Thats an awesome present! specially that he took the time to set up your portfolio. You are one lucky woman!I've been looking for one myself. Which set is it? I'm looking at all the different ones on the website.
I never heard of the site before but I will definitely be checking it out.Melissa, any chance of a discount for CC members?
Now That is HOT!!! So very very very Sexy!!!!
I'm not a fan of it either... I like the idea but I don't think it was executed very well. just my opinion...
I just had a look at my bags of Candy melts and for 2 of them the date makes sense but for the other 6 it doesnt. One of my old bag has 0006WHxxxx, and one of my new bags has 9328WH75xxx.Any ideas?
Thank you!!!
I think it tastes great and my dad who is not a big fan of chocolate loves it.
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