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Im doing a cake where they want the large fondant ruffles that are placed in a circle going around and around and then the gaps are filled in with more ruffles.  The base icing is buttercream. do you think it will hold up or will the weight of the ruffles pull it off, i also have to deliver it 1hr away. What do you think?
i also have the deluxe CR-3 and i got the stand for it too.  Got mine from Strattonsales and they also beat the price the company quoted me,  it even included delivery. K8- what temp do you bake your cakes on, im finding they take alot longer then in a normal oven.
thank you, your replies are exactly what i thought.   I just hate not being able to give the recipient what they want. 
Im doing an Icing Smiles cake and they have requested whipped icing with fondant. I usually only use Bettercream mixed with sleeved fruit filling as a filling.  so my questions are can i ice the cake with 'bettercream' and then either cover with fondant or just use some fondant decorations on it?  How well does the fondant keep on a bettercream iced cake? and will straight bettercream smoosh out when used plain as a filling?
you can soak the whole ribbon first and rub out the excess then you dont have to worry about the icing marking the ribbon. You can use tape and cover the back with it or place a wax paper strip on the cake first. if you use tape it is hard to get sharp corners if it is a square cake though.
wiltons box of black fondant is surprisinly really good.. its nice and true black, tastes pretty good and handles lovely. might want to give it a try.
i agree, royal icing with cocoa powder added will work fine and set up great.
I have quite a few stands, round, square, gold and silver and all the wilton stands. I rent them out tp people who want to use one, but if i make the wedding cake the bride can use one for no charge, i just collect a refundable deposit. Never had a problem getting them back. Other bakeries in the area charge an extra $30-$50 if their bride uses one of their stands.
Please pm me your email address so you can join the WMI only message board on yahoo groups You'll find it very helpful.
i wonder if you could make a thin layer of red jello in the pans you bake the cakes in, then pop this out to sit ontop of the cake, it should have that shiny look to it then.
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