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Meeting! Sorry about the misspelled word!! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!
Meetinf up sounds perfect!!! School starts on 8/17 for my older one. I would love to meet up! That would be so much fun!! Where are cake supply store that are great around here? I know I can look in the phone book, but that won't tell me the places that are GREAT! Or worth the trip! Please share your knowledge!!Thank you in advance!!!
I am off of 169th and Hazel Dell!
I am so glad I found this thread!! On July 1st, we moved to Noblesville, IN!!! My hubby had been doing week long business trips every other week since the beginning of the year to Carmel!! And they were not going to end any time soon!! On May 19th they his company offered to move us here. 6 weeks later and the moving truck was unloading our stuff in our new home!! So glad to all be together again for longer than a week! We are still adjusting to the humidity and the...
I was thinking the same thing!! I am sorry this happened!
Oh that is funny!! Thank you for the laugh! Have a great weekend!!
These look so yummy! I am going to make them for my daughter's Kindergarten class! Thank you so much for sharing!
Sorry to jump in like this-- but what size to you cute the wrappers? I have the expression and he cartridge and want to make some for halloween for my daughter's class. Do you use 12x12 or 8 /2 x11. How many do you get to a sheet? Thank you for all of the infor provided!
You did! Thank you so much! I am going to try that on Friday. Thank you again!
I am also interested in the tutorial. I went to the site you suggested and it was great! But I could not find the tutorial you were talking about. Would you mind sending the link? I would love to try making a dripping fondant cake! Thank you for you reply and your time!
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