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Thanks all yes I eventually found the design and it does say there is a clipart to download but I couldn't get it as it says Access denied. Thanks Jackie for the pdf file. Very time consuming and yes MsFg  perhaps the chevron cutter would work  but need to be able to access in NZ.
I have been given a picture of a Martha Stewart Cake and wonder how this is done. I have looked on Martha Stewarts website but can not find it. Can anyone help please?              
I did one like that for a wedding  and I used the white fondant underneath and brown on top. When I covered with the second layer I tried not to put the sugar syrup under where I would be cutting out. Once I had done the cut out I carefully placed the glue under the brown. This way you dont have brown marks on the white. There was an art to it but I am pleased with the finished cake. Hope you understand      
ANDaniels I have just made the three tier carrot cake and it stacked wonderfully. It is soft but with the ganache crumb coat and dowells not a problem. Hope I don't go in tomorrow and it has collasped. (lol) Think it would have done it by now!
Annabakescakes here is the link Cakeyouverymuch Yes that is what I used. Yes I have had problems with the RV and really not sure as to how it is supposed to taste. It is the coluor I really go for and looks great when you use white icing and looks effective when you cut it. Perhaps it will be just a vanilla cake with the red emulsion. Thanks for you replies.
recipe on here using the same recipe for a carrot or a banana cake posted by Suebee. I have pm her but see she has not posted since Oct 2010 so thought I would ask here also.   I have just made both of these carrot then the banana. What wonderful recipe! And the mixture made perfect size layers.  I did not find it oily and so light and moist. I think it depends on the oil you use. I always use Canola oil as in the past I did use a salad and cooking oil and it was...
It is the little hooky silver bit that moves the spring up and down and that sits on top of the 4 square metal plates and moves when you press the red handle. I have tried to attach the info sheet and hope it comes out clear as I have scanned it. See the instruction above.
Yes I always wonder too. Hopefully the bride gets them or does she. Just my evil mind working. Sometimes the brides are from overseas and they don't or can't take them back with them. I have never asked as I think they might think I am checking up on them.
Colleen I have just purchased this also but I am having trouble using mls and litres in my recipes. It lets me put in under master ingredients but when I come to calculate it shows the item but doesn't calculate. Can you help. Probably very simple. Other than that I find it quite simple to use. Thanks
I have just purchased the above software to price my cakes. I find it quite easy to use but seem to have a problem with the Master Ingredients adding the mils and litres. When I go to price a cake and it has mils it will not calculate. Seems to only want to work with grams and kilo or pounds and ounces. Can someone please help me. Thanks
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