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I bought a power ranger coloring book. I searched everywhere online and just couldn't find one that was simple enough.
Congratulations!!!! That's so exciting, hope the whole process goes smoothly for you. All I can say is get all necessary permits first!
omg, I love nutella. Just straight out of the jar is yummy. My favorite thing to make is chocolate cake (usually the "darn good" one here), nutella mousse for filling and ganache as the icing. So many people love it!Here's a thread with some recipes (I've only used the mouse one), and I think a link to a website with all nutella recipes. also made choc chip cookies once and just threw in a 1/4 cup nutella...
Lemon with raspberry sounds yummy. I think I have to go bake now =)
I usually do strawberry mousse. I use the raspberry mousse recipe in the recipe section and just substitute with strawberry jam. Everyone always loves it, even people who "don't like cake" like it, but they usually eat cake anyway.
A cupcake gallery would be fun! I'm no good at cupcakes but love looking at them!
Those are great cakes, I wish I had half the talent!!!!!
Wow, that's interesting! The music is really piercing, I think I'd like it more if they changed it.
I haven't read all the replies so I'm sure you've read this a thousand times already but please don't let this bother you. Your cookies are awesome!
I think it would be cute. Who cares what anyone else thinks, it's yours wedding!!! Hopefully no one tries to eat
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