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Hi - I use part butter and part shortening in my buttercream (about 1/2 each). I find it cuts down on the sweetness....just a thought.
Hi - I also used the Wilton ball shaped cake pan - it went very well for my son's birthday cake this summer. I started at the top center of the cake and worked my way down from there. It seemed to work pretty well. I traced the wilton pattern from the directions with waxed paper a - making several of each and then cut them out. I then poked a hole in the center of each piece. This enable me to place them on the cake together without having to hold them while I traced...
Awesome! Good luck and I know you will do great! Can't wait to see the pics!
My only suggestion would be to show her pictures of cakes you are comfortable executing. If not, it will just be frustrating for you both. Good luck - you will do great! I did my first wedding cake 2 yrs ago and I was a nervous wreck too! Deb
You also might search for confirmation or first communion cakes as there are tons of religious ideas here in Cake Central. You could do an open or closed Bible with a gumpaste rosary. There were graduation cakes that are book shaped that might spark an idea too. (I did one) Maybe a cross and chalice? Good luck!
Trace a child's handprint and cover the cake in that along with a cute saying?? Or maybe gumpaste hand prints on a cupcake? I know they make little hand shaped cookie cutters.Just a thought...good luck!
Just a thought, but you could order an edible image off ebay - i have a gal that is super fast if you need her info - and the maybe do a pokeball too? He looks super complex. I googled Giratina and found several cool images. Another option might be a frozen buttercream transfer using one of those images. Hope it helps..and let me know about the edible image gal on Ebay. Deb
Hi - I just recently did 4 grad cakes and got lots of great ideas from this site. 3 of the 4 were 1/2 sheet cakes. I used the small pampered chef batter bowl to make the cap. On one of the cakes, I put edible images of the school logos. They looked really sharp. I also have made a diploma - either rolled up or unrolled. On one cake, I incorporated not only the high school the person was graduating from, but the college they would be attending. Good luck and...
I did a pokeball using the wilton ball shaped cake pan and the kids loved it: also did cupcakes for daycare and they were super easy. Have fun.Deb
The M&M website has the bug ideas too. Have fun! Gummy worms are great too coming out of the "dirt" aka oreo crumbs!Have fun!
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