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I used a thin brush and airbrush dilution. Changed up the brush thickness for the details on the coordinating cookies. A wide brush, snipped and thinned a bit worked well for those areas with more 'shading'.
kendra_83, that is a gorgeous cake!
All information for both cakes is located on my blogspot, are links to tutorials that aided me in completing within the text (the links are yellow).
I know exactly how you feel! I had pricing on my site, separate tab as well as links to it on every other page in bold, highlighted type. There was no guessing to all! Every size and shape was priced. Single tier celebration cakes as well as multi tier...individually as well as popular combinations - size, servings, price. I still got calls and emails for quotes. "I just looked at your site....". I'd go check the stats to see what they viewed, and lo and...
Thank you! You've made my day as well!
I usually don't count the servings of that tier into the overall servings count but, if I had to I'd say 4 good servings or 6 smaller ones.When filling those pans, I use 2 1/2 #6 scoops of batter- about 1 1/4 cup per layer (2 1/2 cups, total). That amount varies slightly depending on the batter used. The above measurement was using the double chocolate cake recipe from
They're attached with water actually. I brushed the area with water as well as the back of the flowers and let them set a few minutes which created a stickiness (same effect as gum glue I reckon). Then, pressed the flower on and held it there a couple of minutes or until I thought it would hold...luckily, it did. I was ready with the royal icing had it gave me any trouble. Same with the giant roses on the second wires there either.
Thanks, sillywabbitz. (I shared how to do them on my blogspot, if interested)
DH and I compromised. When he worked, I had the kids/house and everything that goes with, cleaning. When I worked, he had the kids...they had the house...everything else was left to me. May not seem even to an onlooker but, considering his job was NOT flexible and his experience and his job earned him higher wages, it definitely balanced out.Maybe discuss with your DH to see if maybe a job working opposite him would be something to consider.I just never...
I also use 4" for top tiers quite often. As long as the topper, if there is one, fits I'd use it. If more servings are needed than the cake will serve, kitchen cakes would come in handy there.I have several in my photos with 4" top tiers. Here's a couple...These are both, 12,10,8,6,and 4"
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