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Congrats on the return of your samples so far!  To answer your delivery question...I offer free delivery within my town and the next town since its small.  After that it's a flat fee based on area and anything outside of my flat fee range is .70/mile.  HTH and good luck in your first full year!!
I assume you are talking about fondant?  If so then I would not keep them in the fridge. It tends to make the sweat and turn gooey.  You can keep them in an air tight container and they will be fine.  HTH
We have a  lot of great recipes here on CC.  i would try using the search engine and finding one that appeals to you.  As to where to start with finding the recipe and then baking it.  Allow them to completely cool, frost and stack them.  Simple.
First, let me say congrats on finding your niche it's a wonderful thing when we find we can do what we love!  Now to answer our questions, pricing really depends on where you live. Do your research on area cake shops; you dont want to undercharge yourself and you also don't want to be so low from your competition that you are known as the "cheap" cake shop.  You want to make sure that you check the laws in your area...can you bake from home (cottage food law) or do you...
As a DQ worker I can add that one trick is to ease off the pressure towards the end and if at all possible with the cupcake in hand pull down and slightly twist your wrist..  Even us workers cannot get it perfect 80% of the time, gotta love food photographers, they make it look so easy!  Best of luck!
Well you could do a sheet cake (I'd make it 2 layers at least) and carve a little off into the sides for the pages. frost it in brown or use a fondant of your choice.  For the letters you could again do fondant in gold or royal icing painted with gold disco dust.  
First, let's be clear, it is NOT illegal to make these is illegal to sell them.  You cannot profit in anyway from them including trading goods for services.  Example, I am making my DD an alice in wonderland cake complete with fondant figures, therefore I am not making any money.  This is a hot button topic on here so I am sure you will get lots of responses or links to other threads, but the best advice we can give is...don't do it if you're getting...
I use this at work and we have to buy it by the bucket full (I think it's 3-5lbs)  Personally I hate the taste. It has a weird chocolate taste and a horrible after taste, yet the customers love it for some reason.  I say stick with Pastry Pride if that's what you love.
You can always email them back with a yes I'm available and due to the short notice I will require balance paid in full and add in a late booking fee. You'll find out if it's a scam quickly enough this way.
I have used both versions of this at my day job and to me they are the same thing with the exception being one comes in quarts that you have to whip yourself and the other a giant bucket already whipped. You do not have to keep them refrigerated as they both contain no dairy. HTH!
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