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Thanks and you are welcome!I have learn all I know here on CC, so I like to share with others too.
Thanks! I feel flattered
I've been making this one for almost 30 years: No other one has ever beaten this cake!
Thanks for sharing!
This cake was completely frozen for a week (without the ears). It was all wrapped in saran and let to defrost with the saran inside a cardbox for a day. As you can see, it was perfect!
I think that as long as it is completely covered in saranwrap it will be OK. The problem is when the water that is on the air (humidity) gets in touch with the sugar (fondant or buttercream). The plastic film will make the barrier
Have you tried emaling wilton asking about it?
Well, never in a regular oven, but you can bake in glasses if you use a microwave recipe (and bake it in the microwave of course )
For those who like pictorials and still haven't seen my other ones, I made a list of links.If you'd care to see them, you can take a peek here:BubbleGum machine fondant basket weave's face...
Thanks again to all of you!
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