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I just love this place! Even when I leave the forums for a while, always come back to this one
Wow I didn't even realize BC had made changes! Thanks for all of the helpful info, I will make a note of it!
[quote="MacsMom"]So macsmom.....I am trying to understand what changes you have made with your chocolate cake? don't use the chocolate WASC recipe anymore? Do you just use the regular WASC with a choc mix, all water, and then the instant coffee and cocoa powder and 6 whole eggs?And when you use the yellow cake mix now do you use the 6 whole eggs instead of the 8 egg whites or do you just add the extra egg white?Sorry for the confusion but I have found your advice is...
That's really interesting, I will have to experiment! Thank you
Ok great! So for the regular WASC that calls for two boxes of cake mix and 8 egg whites I would use four whole eggs? I was thinking six like the chocolate version? But if four works well I will use that!
thank you all so much for your help! I will be making the coconut cake in about three weeks so I will definitely report back!Also, has anyone ever used yellow cake mix in place of the white for the standard Rebecca sutterby WASC? I had a request for yellow cake but I don't really offer that so I was just wondering if it would work?
aandkidz thanks for the answer about the balsamic vinegar! Bobwonderbuns I am not sure how active this thread still is so I might pm you! But just in case, in your coconut cake recipe it says the coco Lopez which I know I can find but then it's also says coconut cream. I was wondering if you could clarify what you are referring to? Do you mean the liquid coffee creamer? Thanks so much! I am so excited to make this!! Also I got a request for coconut cake pops but she wants...
YES! even worse, they think it will cost little more than the price of a cupcake. Someone wants me to make a horse, not the head, the whole horse cake , carved for one person! So it should be the price of just one little bitty cake right? So annoying! Gotta love our customers but sometimes it's just so frustrating!
Thanks for sharing! Would be really interested in trying this! Do you happen to know what temp the soft ball stage is?
dles anyone know? As I browse through the e tries some come up with the star ratings to click on and others have nothing to vote with?
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