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they are helpful your right. I'll do that. Thanks
I would like to print off my recipies. Just the part where it is named and then my cost and then the fixed price. IS THERE a way to do that. I have people call and ask about say cookies and I am no where near my computer so it would be nice to have a list laminated and in my book or on my wall so when they call and ask for 3 dozen cookies I can just look and tell them instead of taking a message and trying to get back to them when I have time..... IF there is a way I...
First cake Well the very first one I did was ALL white with plastic figures for my sons BD I didnt even have a camera (2002). I started taking photos in 2003 this was the eairliest I could find.
I had NO IDEA you could do this! SAVE the batter for later. Oh my goodness. THIS is going to be a BIG saver!!!!!
Ok I have always had all the time I have needed to decorate cakes. HOWEVER my husnbands buisness needed a part time hand and it is mine! So because I am on call (I know the day before) I need an actual time line of sorts. So how do you all do that?NORMALY I would just bake on Tuesday cool. and freeze. Wednesday fill and thaw. Thursday frost and friday decorate. But I dont always have all day everyday...and I always work on Friday now...Anyone else find a schedual that...
OH but when you do it because you love it. THAT makes up the difference! IMHO
I have a birch tree wedding coming up in just a few weeks October 10th actually. and they want the cake to be done in buttercream. ANY ONE who has any idea on how to get the look of the bark to be realalistic in buttercream PLEASE I need some advice!!!!
thanks. I guess I'll do fondant! I think it will be a deck of 6 logs. stacked 3 then 2 then 1... I hope I can figure the suports out. Seems strange to stack a pyramid shape? And suggestions on that or how to make it stacked so the fog can come out a little
I was wondering ifyou guys know if fondant would be better or buttercream to use on 'logs' that are "On fire" we would be putting dry ice UNDER the cake board. BUT the cake board will have holes drilled in it so the "smoke" can come through.Anyway I have NEVER used dry ice and didn't know if the fondant would work or if Buttercream would be best.
For me ALL NEW CUSTOMERS pay before the cake will even be made. no money.... no baking. Wedding cakes require a deposit. I DO NOT deliver BD cakes.
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