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CC members I need your help! I can't seem to find them anywhere. Making cupcakes for a good friends birthday next month and she requested jumbo cupcakes. Where can I find jumbo cupcake cups or how can I make them? HELP!!
My local grocery store had them on sale for 0.99 so I bought I have a total of 11.
This sounds like a great idea. Where do you guys buy clear contact paper? TIA
Another great topic..I can't live without my icer, large spatula and turntable which are (IMO) the key tools in cake decorating.
What a great topic...I had to go do some digging in my storage containers, but I did find these: Large Coupler (never used it). Cake Decorating Comb (never use it). Letter Press Set (used it and hated it). But I must say I can't live without my Large Spatula.
I have always used shortening (Crisco) and flour.
If you don't mind the tin cutters this place sells them as cheap as 0.99 (for a 4in).
Take a knife and start on one side of the cake gently cut into the cake(I usually cut at least half an inch to and inch inside the cake)making sure knife is leveled cut around the whole cake. Then take a piece of dental floss a few inches wider than the cake and gently with a sawing motion cut all the way through the cake. HTH
Thanks for the help I did the search and found some very interesting faces I could use. ------------------------------------------------------------My sister and I thought it would be a great idea. Now i'm thinking about making them different colors and making male and female ones. There's no end to my
Got a request to do a cookie bouquet for my sisters supervisor today. I know she likes the smiley face design but I want to take it a step further and possibly have a bouquet of different expression on each cookie (funny faces). Anyone have any ideas or know where I could find a bunch of just funny faces.Thanks in advance!
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