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Hi I've just read this.  What is pudding mix?   I'm wondering if we have a similar version in the UK but I'm not sure. We have a dried powder that we add to milk and whisk to get a thick constistency which you can use on trifles, in place of cream etc.  Is it the same?
Knead some cmc or gum tray into the paste to make it firmer .
100% gumpaste so you can roll and frill the petals really thin. allow each layer to dry for 24 hours before adding the next. A wire rack propped up on a couple of boxes gives you somewhere to hang the flowers upside down if they're wired.
I'd say it looks like a fantasy peony.
I agree with the others, you need to contact the bride and either request someone from the wedding party to be there or to speak to the venue and let them know in no uncertain terms that no one is to touch that cake.It's also a matter of health and safety - That woman's hands were not clean!!!!
Actually, alternating layers will look nice if you graduate the colour strength ie darker centre getting paler towards the outer layers or the opposite way round. a mix of these two: only colour the tips but colour 4 or 5 petals next to each other instead of individual petals or a whole layer.
Try cutting a smaller v into the end of your bag. Cut out a circle of gumpaste slightly smaller than you want the finished burst to be a gradually layer hint petals starting on the edge of the circle and pulling away sharply. Move clover to the centre of the circle for each layer. Tint the petal tips with dust getting darker on the outer petals.
You can get several moulds which make a string of pearls with fondant or gumpaste.
Try these for inspiration.
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