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The woman calls Wednesday,she wants a really pretty cake for the weekend For her sons birthday, she doesn't want to pay over thirty dollars. yeah, she's crazy!
I'm having the same problem, making a two tier square cake for 30. What do I use a 6" and an "8 square?sorry, I"m confused!!
Need help making boots for western baby shower cake please
Has anyone made 300 cupcakes ?I need 2 delicious recipes please. They are for a sweet 16th party. Big project, the party is in four month. Help!!! thanks
I agree with AnnieCahill Elvis Presley's favorite pound cake recipe is delicious.I've made three times last month. huge hit, everyone loved it.I added 1/2 tsp of orange zest to the batter and dusted the pans with turbinado sugar.YUM
Thank you soooooo muchhhhh!!!!
Thanks, you for the land o lakes recipe. Bought the potato starch,tapioca starch, rice flour and sweet rice flour at my local asian market .When reading the reviews,someone suggested to use both rice flours.The only thing missing is the xantham gum,very expensive at the health food store.Going online to get it. Please email me the sponge cake recipe also.I'll let you know how they turn out. I have the Cake Mix Doctor books except the Gluten Free one. Thank you didn't know...
thank you all for your help
I need a white or yellow recipe for a small wedding cake in may 2012. Does anyone have a delicious gluten free wedding cake recipe please. Would like to cover it in fondant ,if possible. thank you .
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