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Patience, Grasshopper!!I had a similar dilemma about 6 months ago, wanting to buy it as a birthday gift for a friend.Finally got it via Ebay, after lodging a "favourite search" - this allows an automatic search on keywords for up to 12 months.I was lucky enough to get an excellent copy for a reasonable price - they are often listed at US$100 or more.Got to admit - after all that, I kept it for myself!
Castor sugar is a fine granulated white sugar - It is not as fine as Powdered sugar, but not as coarse as "regular" sugar.As most mud-cake recipes call for the liquid ingredients to be melted, you could probably substitute with regular sugar, by weight.Hope that helps!
Yeah, I've noticed this a couple of times! I just thought we had some psychic members, answering queations before they were asked! Come on over, anytime!
WOW... It's a stunner!Thank you, Sharon, for finding those links!
Funnily enough - I had the opposite problem!In Australia, "American-style" decorating has been a bit slow to take off, so almost everything is done with fondant!I bought loads of buttercream "tools", but have had what is almost panic attacks at the thought of using them!Take heart, in my eyes, if you can work with buttercream, fondant is a walk in the park!
Pop in a couple of upside-down flower nails (greased).This is a tip that I picked up from CC, and it works wonders on larger cakes, without leaving a huge hole as per heating cores.That said, for a 12 x 12, I find I don't need flower nails if I wrap the tin in about 6 thicknesses of newspaper, this slows the cooking down, allowing the centre to cook before the sides get crispy!Hope that helps!
Thank you so much for sharing!I often have requests for vegan cakes, but have not found a recipe that holds up, until now!
WELL!!! She makes cakes, too? That explains it!! Just a teeny-tiny touch of the green-eyed monster
Oooooh..... OUCH!!!! Loads of sympathy, loads of hugs!!! Cortisone was one of the things they tried on my hands, so I know exactly what you mean Mine was in my wrists, - never again!! (And, he didn't tell me till after that he really hadn't thought it would work, but thought he might try it, anyway ) Cheryl - I think I need a lawyer!
How funny! I'm a total marzipan NUT (no pun intended!) As you say, each to there own!Most of my fruitcake customers prefer "no marzipan" - I guess it's a bit of an acquired taste, 'cos only the oldies seem to want it. Oops - dating myself again
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