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Thank you for the advice, I'll follow it.  Thanks.  
I started in 1993 to make a Barney cake for my son's 2nd b-day.  Barney was so new, no bakery's had licensing to make them- found a cake topper only. I even got real close to the Barney color on my own.  I bought the Wilton practice board. It has plastic and you put the sheets under it.  Then started making lots of cakes for everyone I knew, for any an all occasions for practice & free.  It takes a lot of time and PRACTICE, PRACTICE and more PRACTICE.  Good luck! 
So sorry that happened to you but we all have had those! Accidents happen, and you did what is right, offering money back & free cake.  Just remember all your successes and live & learn. I refuse to make wedding cakes any longer. Back in the 90's, I got stomach flu on a Thursday that lasted well into Friday- completely down for the count, and the wedding was early Saturday. Luckily I had all the cakes baked and crumb coated.  So I had to frost & decorate all of them...
HI,   My niece wants a zebra striped cake with turquoise. I am making a 2 tier cake (10 inch & 6 inch-both 2 layers), frosting in white BC, fondant black zebra stripes and fondant turquoise bow on top with fondant ribbon flowing down top layer. (May use turquoise band for border or small fondant balls.)   I have to transport the cake 3 1/2- 4 hrs away and I'm in VA, very hot & humid. I have searched and have read to refrigerate the cake, keep the car ice cold,...
Yeah! I found it! I got the white. Thank you again!
First, I didn't realize both pics you put are the same thing. (although you did explain... sorry) You know I don't think I ever saw clay anywhere lol. I went up and down every aisle and nook. I am going tomorrow to Joann's and will make sure I look in the clay area and know that I know what it is called. Thanks!
Hi Pam,Can you tell me what that is called? I searched Michael's twice and asked for help, no luck. Ended up buying some stamps, just not sure if they will work. I have a Joann's by my work and Hobby Lobby isn't too far but I can't even find online on their sites. Thanks.
Thank you Pam! I think that will work great!
Thank you both so much. I will have to look at Michael's for those. Thanks again.
HiI am making cupcakes for a housewarming party. One of the toppers I want to make out of fondant is a welcome mat. However, the only lettering I have and can find is large. I have attached a picture I found that is a good example of the size. Any ideas suggestions? I have been all over the internet. The lettering size I need is like on the topper that has welcome and Home Sweet Home. Thank you!
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