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I would have donated them to the local homeless shelter or Headstart program by now! I assume after 2 days, the customer is a no-show, so on the third day I find a new home for the "orphaned" goodies.
Whatever happened to just cake and ice cream, pin the tail on the donkey and a pinata?[/quote]Good question! All though, there certainly seems to be no short supply of "donkeys"....and maybe some of those should be beaten with a stick instead of the pinatas.
Me, too!
Oh my! I think I'll print out this thread and present it to the people who have asked about the dummy cake idea! Those folks need to be "dummy-slapped" into reality! I, too, charge the same price for dummy cakes or dummy tiers, as I do for the actual cake. One lady, after ordering her daughters wedding cake with a dummy cake as the bottom tier, called back after a few days to tell me to go ahead and make it all cake seeing that it would be the same price. Makes sense to...
I am absolutely astounded! I have never heard of such a thing!
I can't begin to imagine the fear you folks live with during these times. You are in my thoughts and prayers.Ike is expected here in Maine the first of the week. We rarely have anything more than heavy rain and wind by the time it reaches us. In fact these storms often go out to sea before they get here.
A bit of "green" will balance out the red in your brown.
Your cake is terrific! I can't imagine the planner not taking your husband up on his offer to deliver it. Delivery is not a responsiblilty most of my customers want. They are graciously willing to pay for delivery. I have taken on the delivery at my own expense occasionly to avoid a "help, there's been a cake disaster" phone call. On one of those occasions I heard from a bride that her dad would be picking up the cake (4-tier chocolate buttercream) and driving 50...
I used Wilton royal blue to get a pale blue icing. To that I added the pink until I got the baby blue I wanted. I had to match the icing to a ribbon that was used on the cake.
I have had the same problem. I found that adding a tiny amount of pink will tame down the "teal" color. Do not add too much at a time or you will get a purple hue. I hope this helps.
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