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Hi TexasSugar! Thank you for the reply, I greatly appreciated.
Hi Edna, thank you for the reply. Where can I get the Chefmaster super red from? Greatly appreciate your help.
Thank you Lisaa1996 for the reply. I am able to view everything when I reply, but not when you reply to my question(s), I don't why that is, but hopefully it will get fix on its own or maybe tech support from cake central can help with the problem. Never had to experience this until today. Thanks again for your reply. Oh, I forgot to ask where can I get this color Americolor super red from?
Hi everyone! Does anyone know what color red or how to get a good Christmas red so I can pipe berries on my hollies for a cake. I will also like to use the Christmas red for borders and writing. I have the Christmas red coloring which it has no taste to it, but when I put the Christmas red into the butter cream icing, it does not turn dark red or a good red color so that it will look just like Christmas red color and not a pink or pale red. Your help is greatly...
Hi everyone! I know it has been awhile since I have been on here, but do to my busy schedule time has not allow me to be on as much. I have been involved making cakes for my local church, but I do come back from time to time. Plus I have been doing a lot of creating and experimenting with new recipes. My question for you is that I'm looking for a star tip that I can you for a 6X2 inch layer cake for the top and bottom borders. Thank you for your advanced help.
Hi everyone! Does any one know how I would go about typing name on cake pictures so that others on the web can alter, edit or claiming to be theirs instead of mine. Thanks in advance and happy baking.
Hi everyone, does any one know of a web site or link for plastic clear hinged containers for holding cupcakes. I would like to give away cupcakes, the only problem is I do not have individual plasic clear hinged containers to store them in. Thank you in advance.
Hi Spills, thank you for the reply and the link. I greatly appreciate it very much. A family member is trying to figure out what to get me for Xmas. Thanks again and have a good day.
He everyone, does any one know of a web site for photo cake projector? Also, I need the web site for air brushing with editable ink. I already check on Kitchen Crafts, but I don't know where eles to search. Thank you and have a great day.
Congrats to you.
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