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Thanks! That's funny. I'm making a lamb cake today too (with grass).
FYI, they will only be 1/2 to 3/4 inch tall and scattered around the bottom edge of the cake?TIA
I don't remember having done scroll work before. In searching this forum, I noticed many posts about having the right consistency icing. I was playing on using thin buttercream with piping gel. Any better ideas? Also, does anyone have any suggestions for patterns to follow other than Wilton's press set. I'm already behind on this cake and don't want to make time to run out to get the set. There is just a little scroll work in each of the upper corners of a sheet cake...
Do watch the package size as others have mentioned.I recently tried the fluff b/c I had some on hand. It turned out so bad I threw it out.
I mash as many as my banana bread recipe calls for and package in a freezer Ziploc bag. Defrost and voile you are ready to bake. I do this all the time.
I am interested in trying this out. I love to work with fondant but am not a big fan of the taste.Do I still frost with a bit of regular buttercream underneath it like with fondant? I assume it will be sweeter than regular bc by the recipe, but will it be as sweet as fondant?Is it fairly easy to work with? Even in high humidity?Okay, I'm done asking questions. Thanks for your help!
I don't think I'd go through all the work for that little money. Some people have no idea what goes into this or what a wedding cake costs. Ugh!
wanted to throw out a "hello" on this board. This is "Linda" from Carolyn's bb.
I received one as a Christmas gift and am returning it. I just don't see using it enough to clutter up my kitchen.
Love the idea, but they come in all different sizes and perhaps I'm a bit anal today.
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