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My cake shop did not have any more sleeves. I do not have any pastry pride or bettercreme. Help please! I have a cake due friday and she wants bavarian cream. It will be fondant, so no refrigeration.TIA! Please? Anything? Has to be able to sit for a couple days.
Hi! I'm doing a 3d sculpted cake and was looking for a stiffer buttercream that will hold up better than buttercream dream. Thanks!
I'm glad to see this recommendation for durable cake. I'm going to do a 3d standing Mickey Mouse and was thinking of using the durable cake recipe. I've never tried it so I didn't know how it would turn out.
I just used Americolor teal. I had a Tiffany box right next to my fondant to color match, and didn't need to use anything other than Teal...
Wondering if I should juse use sleeved cheesecake flavor cake filling? I don't remember if I liked it or not. Maybe I can mix it with buttercream? I need it to fill a 12" round cake. Thanks.
I usually use Margie's Incredible Chocolate Cake recipe for everything, subbing out different flavors of cake and pudding mix. Tomorrow, however, I'm only going to be needing 20 of each flavor, one of which is red velvet. I'm not going to use the Margie's recipe since it makes zillions of cupcakes, but was wondering how I can doctor up just one box of DH Red Velvet to make it taste not so boxed? I will put in a box of pudding for sure, but what else? Whole milk for the...
yup, have one of those. I use it every time I refill my cartridges...I knew that about the warranty. Oh well. That's why I bought the cheap printer...they don't last forever!
I use sleeved fillings BECAUSE I can't refrigerate my cakes (fondant). They are great!
Still good. I think it lasts a month in the fridge, at least. Taste it, but I think you're fine.
Thanks again, everyone. I bought a new c88+ today after calling Epson tech support. They told me pretty much what I already knew...that it was a hardware problem and to either get it serviced or buy a new one. Seeing as how the c88+ is a cheap printer, it wouldn't be worth it to get it serviced, since it is out of warranty. Oh well. I got a lot of use out of it, I suppose. The new printer works great, so it's all good...
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