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Hi Lillybell23, like Batterupcake said, the sps is short for single plate separator, with this system, there are posts that attach to a plate, (that's the key!) the posts go through the cake and sit on the plate below. Leah, here on cake central has a really great thread on using this system. and that is where I heard about it. I ordered the plates and posts from Global sugar, and again like Batterupcake said, they are not very expensive.
    I actually made this same cake last month (see attached) and did cover it in buttercream, swags did have to be in fondant, as I could find no way to do those in buttercream. as you can see the poured ganache worked just fine. I would suggest using a batter separator to make the layers 1/2 white and 1/2 chocolate, as I believe cutting layers and putting them back together would compromise the stability for stacking that high. I would also suggest using SPS, which I...
so basically I needed to make sure the pieces are extremely dry, no moisture left at all in them, and then they won't wilt when they hit humidity at the venue?
Is it food safe? As it will touch the consumable parts of the cake?
the items were just fine until the party, which was outdoors, then the items wilted? any way to prevent that?
Any tricks to preventing gumpaste items from wilting in humid weather??
a single action airbrush has continuous airflow, and the button will release the color.a double action airbrush will give you the control of both air and color.
Thank you all for your help! the spackle idea is a great one, (and I would never have thought of that!) except that they will not be keeping the prop as their area for storage is limited, sooo since I will be getting it back, I would like to be able to reuse the dummies. I was worried about fading also, so I think I will go with white fondant and decorations (swags more than likely as smaller decoration will not be visible on stage) and have the color coming from the...
Thank you both! you are correct Leah_s, the show will run for 8 shows over 2 1/2 weeks. I am glad you both think should be ok, I really would rather work with the fondant vs RI!!
I have been asked to make a dummy cake for our local theater. Due to the hot lights during shows, I was originally going to ice the dummies with RI., but I would prefer the modern look of fondant. Do you think fondant would hold up under the heat of the stage lights?
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