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Very cute cake! good work.
Groovy. thanks a bunch.
I have another question or two. I decided to cut the boots in layers so I could be they are uniform.(Don't think I could form warm RKT into two identical ones). What should I use to "glue" the layers together? It is really humid her and they RKT are not "firming" up. I may end up having to run a dowl threw the "leg" part. Buttercream is just making a slippery mess. I haven't been able to find a microplane, so may end up using melted chocolate after all. K8memphis...
Would it work to shine up other colors of fondant/gumpaste as well?
Wow! Great tips. Never thought about micro plane. That beats layers of melted chocolate. Thank you so very much.
I am need to carve some work boots like the ones in this pic. I have searched the threads and read/watched all the advise. Thank you all. I guess my question is, would I carve them separately or together? I can't see the back, but it looks like the heels are touching. I want to do it out of RCT. Unless someone has a better medium. I am limited on time so need to use something that will "last". I am concerned that RCT will be difficult to carve. They will be placed on top...
OOOO Tracey6277 thanks that one is super cute.
Thanks Ya'll, I like both ideas. Hopefully I can get my thoughts made into cake. I'll let you know how it goes.
Does anyone have any ideas for a Quince cake with a Willy Wonka/Charlie and Chocolate Facotry Cake. It has to feed 250 people. HOw do I do that theme and make it elegant enough for a "comming of age" party?
I have tried and always use the doctored cake mix for every flavor except chocolate and carrot cake. They do work well. I just really want to be able to make a good white cake from schratch. I will try Ron's and see how it turns out. Thanks for the help
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