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Thanks, Marianna! I'll try the black buttercream and see how it works.
Hi allI am about to attempt my first FBCT and took the time to review the article here on CC as well as some youtube videos. However, most of the instructions suggest the use of the black ready-made icing in the tube but I can't find it locally (apparently it is better to use this instead of black buttercream because the BC tends to bleed).Can I use black piping gel instead to make my outline?Stacey
Oh! That is very cute!Thanks, grandmomof1...I will definitely try this one
Hi grandmomof1Thanks for the reply. I checked out the link and it seems a bit complicated for my skill level Any other options?
Hi Does anyone know how to make Batman out of fondant or gumpaste? I have been asked to make a cake for a boy's birthday party and would love to test my fondant skills with a handmade topper.Hope that someone can help.Stacey
Here's the link to the photo:
Thanks, JanH!
Can someone help me with how to upload the attachments? It doesn't seem to be working
Hi CC'ersI am thinking of reproducing the boot in the attached photo in gumpaste? Does anyone know how to achieve this? Is there a simple template that I can use? I found a cutter on another website (see highheel.jpg) but the result would be a "flat" representation. Hope that someone can help.Stacey
Hi confectionsofahousewifeThanks for responding.I did just that..replace the liquid in my chocolate cake recipe with the Guinness and it turned out quite good.Thanks again.
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