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thanks so much!!
i recently saw a cake on the brides website that had a damask stencil on the sides and was admiring how it was done.while doing my research for a another cake, look what i found:
kendi25a chefette roti!!!!!!!...LOL..i'm cracking up!!!the weather is great...we havent been getting a lot of rain recently just loads of sunshine.well, i am about to begin my countdown for cropover just now (i.e. going to the gym)i would love to try out the recipe in your cookbook, please pm it to me!thanks a million and feel free to keep in touch!!!!
for me, i couldnt figure out why brides would want fruitcake for their wedding cake. in Barbados, a lot of people know fruitcake to be a plain vanilla cake with fruits (like cherries and raisins) mixed in.however, after looking through a recipe book, i saw a picture of fruitcake and a lightbulb went off. we call it "black cake". it is a very dense cake with lots of cherries, raisins, prunes, and mixed peel that have been pureed in a food processor/blender, soaked in...
those cupcakes look great!! i cant wait to try the tutorial.
i find that Wilton Rose is really bright though!
try using the Americolor brand, they have a line of neon colours. the neon colours include electric blue, yellow, green, orange, pink and purple
that sounds yummy!!!
you have picked some popular cake decorators, so you should be "good to go". as a matter of fact, i have all of these books on my wishlist...i especially love debbie brown.
will be the cake be covered in buttercream or fondant?if it is buttercream, i agree with pjay's suggestion. i have tried that method and it works!!
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