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Hi Thanks for your comments.i'll just scrape off some of the BC when I am ready to decorate.Stacey
Hi How much buttercream is too much buttercream?I have a 9" round chocolate cake that I trimmed to an 8" round and then covered the sides with buttercream. The thing is that I am supposed to cover the sides of the cake with fondant basketweave that will be made out of fondant rope (so I will be attaching this by hand).Am I using too much buttercream?Since the fondant basketweave is just a "decoration", does the amount of buttercream underneath matter?I am using a crusting...
Hi KimAZThanks for your input, it was very informative.I guess that I have to decide whether I can spend the BDS$300 on the entry fees and not expect anything spectacular in return (even though I will still do my best).Stacey
Hi UnlimitedThank for the response and clarification. I think I'll go ahead and submit my forms. I'm so excited!!!!
HiI have a question about entering cake decorating competitions.A local company will be conducting a Bakery and Pastry Expo during the month of October and there are three scheduled competitions:1. Wedding Cake of the Year2. Novelty Cake of the Year3. Great Cake of the Year (great cake is like a Caribbean fruit cake)I am interested in entering these 3 competitions but there is an entrance fee of BDS$100 (USD$50) per entry. Is this something common? Do people generally...
thanks for the information on this thread!i tried making 2 batches of modeling chocolate a few weeks ago and they both came out disastrous.
Hi CC'ersI am about experiment with some chocolate-covered Oreo cookies and I need some advice. The recipe that I will be using calls for 12ozs chocolate chips (either dark or white) and 1 tbsp shortening.I want to test the white chocolate version because I have some Americolor Electric colours that I would like to use. My question is:I know that typically I should add some FloCoat to the gel paste colours but do I need to do this since the melted chocolate already...
Hi AngelaThanks for the response.Maybe I overkneaded the modeling chocolate too much. I should probably knead it until pliable, let it cool and then knead it into the fondant.I will let you know how it works out.Stacey
HiHas anyone had any success adding modeling chocolate (dark chocolate) to fondant?I can make the modeling chocolate quite easily and I use Michele Foster's fondant recipe; however, when it comes to combining the two the mixture always seems to crumble and look dry.Any advice? What ratio of m/chocolate to fondant do you use?Stacey
Hey everyoneHere's an update!I attempted the FBCT yesterday and it turned out great! I'll try to upload a photo later.Thanks again, ladies
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