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Okay...I'll give "soaking" with some liqueur a try.Thanks, everyone!Stacey
HiI was thinking to use the simple syrup too but, in this case, it is the bottom of the cupcake that is dry (the oven temp was too high).
Hi CC'ersI have just finished making a batch of Champagne Cupcakes (using cake mix) and unfortunately they came out a little dry. I did some research on the Internet and I came across a technique where the poster recommended steaming cake over a simmering pan of water in order to add moisture.So I was thinking that I have one of those pots that you used to steam vegetables and I was going to add some water in the bottom of the pan, place the cupcakes in the top part (the...
HiI was hoping for a really white cake but maybe that is not possible with the ingredients that I used. I didn't use any vanilla just the clear butter flavouring.i'll try either the Americolor Bright White or using the violet colour and see how it turns out. My guess is that if I use the violet colour technique I could as well use my vanilla cake recipe (using butter, whole eggs and vanilla) instead of using the above recipe.
Hi CC'ersSo I decided to go in search of the ever-elusive perfect white scratch cake recipe and ran my first experiment today. However, although I am happy with the results I am wondering why (although all of my ingredients were white in colour) my cake doesn't look snow white. i am not too technical / scientific when it comes to baking but I am missing something here? Here is the recipe that I used:8 ounces shortening2 cups granulated sugar8 egg whites2 tsps clear...
Hi CC'ersI have an order for a soccerball cake and will be using the Wilton pan for this job.I want to use fondant "patches" to cover the cake instead of using B&W buttercream (using the star tip). Does anyone have a template that I can use to make the "patches"? I would really appreciate it ThanksStacey
thanks, chedaw! have you ever tried this recipe?
Hi CCDoes anyone have a pretty good recipe for nougat filling?I want to try a Snickers Cake over the weekend and would like to fill 1 layer with Caramel Filling and the other 2 layers with Nougat Filling.ThanksStacey
HiI haven't used QB in a long time but here are my thoughts:1. Remember that the amount of money spent on purchasing ingredients and the cost of ingredients actually used in a recipe are two completely different transactions. Purchasing ingredients affects your cash flow statement and using ingredients affects your P&L statement.2. Set up your ingredients as inventory in QB making sure to use appropriate units-of-measure (e.g. flour-cups, eggs-each, flavouring-tsps,...
I tasted it and it is fine so I will go ahead and use it.Thx!
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