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I found them:   It doesn't include the diamond shape but it would definitely work.
Good morning   Does anyone know where I can find mini "spade/heart/diamond/ace" cutters online?   I tried GSA but couldn't anything (only the heart plungers).   My son's school will be hosting a party based on the "Alice in Wonderland" book and I want to make some sugar cookies that look like the Guardsmen.   Thanks a million.   Stacey
Hi   Just want ed to let you know that I purchased the Makins clay extruder from and used it for the first time yesterday.   It was such a breeze to use and I am happy with the purchase!!   Thanks again   Stacey
thanks guys, i'll go with the Makins clay extruder
any thoughts on this, pleassssssssssse!
Hello   So, I decided that I am going to try my hand at making cake pops last night and unfortunately they didn't turn off as well as I expected.   I rolled the cake into balls, froze them a bit to harden and then inserted the lollipop stick with a little candy coating on the end (melted of course) and then stuck them again in the freezer to harden.   Everything was going well until it was time to coat the cake balls with the melted candy coating.  The result...
Hello  CC'ers   Can anyone provide any insight into what they consider to be the best clay/fondant extruder on the market?   I have one of the small black ones (with the red handle) that you have to squeeze and it is a real PITA.   Looking forward to hear your feedback.
Hi KoryAKThanks for responding!In terms of the humidity, I live in the Caribbean and the days have been pretty hot so I am not sure what the impact would be on my cake. I guess that placing the cake in an air-conditioned room would help though.I really wanted to store the cake in a box but it was already stacked and I didn't have a box that was large enough.My main concern is the fondant decorations and your input suggests that I would be fine so I am a lot more...
HelloI made a 2-tier birthday cake (covered with buttercream) and decorated it with fondant music notes, roses and leaves last Sunday.The only thing is that the cake is for THIS Sunday so I made the cake one week ahead of time! I took a chance and decided to freeze the cake with all of its decorations by wrapping it in cling wrap first and then covering it with foil.I think that I will take it out of the freezer tomorrow morning and place it in the fridge to thaw...
My apologiesI have attached a pic
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