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My favorite is to chop up a Snickers bar and sprinkle it on top before baking. YUM!
CarolAnn ~ I had to laugh...that is TOTALLY something that would happen to me! I've never looked at the ingredients on the bags but probably 80% of the time I do use the Great Value brand just because I'm there and it's cheap! Never even thought to look!
Laura,Splenda's website has cake recipes. I haven't tried any of them yet but they are rated and have reviews. You may want to check a few of those out of the recipe tab here on CC has a diabetic option in the pulldown search menu.
Zakia,My little girl is diabetic and her favorite icing so far is a tub of sugar-free Cool Whip mixed with a package of sugar-free pudding. You can't really decorate with it but it has more flavor than just the Cool Whip alone. I usually ice her birthday cakes with this and then decorate with regular buttercream. That way she can either scrape the real buttercream off or eat the little bit that's on there for decoration. Hope this helps!Oh, and I tried this once and...
The middle one is perfect! Nice nuts LOL
My little girl is diabetic and the recipe I use for icing on HER cakes is very similar to the one that MacsMom posted. I don't remember it exactly but if that's not it exactly, it's darn close! She likes it but she's not a big sweet eater or cake/icing lover either. It tastes okay to me but it's definitely not buttercream! LOL
And how many kids would actually think to fill a cake? Especially with strawberry and lemon filling? You must be teachin' them right! LOL Hope you had a happy birthday!
I just did my first successful one this weekend and have now learned that I was making them too thin before. I beefed this one up a bit and it worked perfectly! And yes, put it on straight out of the freezer and pull the paper right off!
anorris3,I deal with architects quite frequently and some of them really do seem to have their noses pretty high up in the air. Sorry you were attacked.What cracks me up is when I, the lowly kitchen designer, has to correct their mistakes. It just makes my day a little brighter when I have to call them and tell them their idea isn't humanly possible. Evil, I know. I did a custom kitchen for one and he is still paying on it to this day, and we installed it over 2 years...
Ok, I'm at work and just had one of these people come in. I work in a custom cabinetry/wood shop as the designer. A lady just came in and complained that her contractor had just installed her baseboard moulding that we sold her and it now had nail holes in it and her baseboards didn't come with anything to fill the holes with! Really??? She wanted to know why we didn't supply her with any putty for the nail holes and it was all I could do to not say "because it didn't...
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