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Hello! It's been awhile since I've been able to visit CC. I've worked with gum paste to make roses before but I've always attached them directly to the cake - now I have a bride who would like a floral swag draped down the side of the three tiers. I know they're somehow attached with floral wire, just wondered if anyone can offer any tips or helpful advice. Thanks alot!
Is it possible to freeze color flow decorated cookies? Or is it better freeze the cookie and decorate after thawing? Thanks!
DKY - beautiful flowers! I'd love to hear these 'secrets'
Hi! Thanks Yes, I just took a toothpick and put some paste on a plate and mixed it with a couple of drops of the vodka. It is very similar to watercolor painting...luckily I have a little experience with it (I painted my avatar pic). I think this is going to be a technique I really like.
Thanks Ferret! I used Smirnoff Raspberry Twist Vodka and it worked beautifully (well, at least as good as my novice fondant painting skills could master). Here are my freshly painted chickadees...wish I'd had more time to work on them but I have to get this cake done TODAY! Thanks again
Hey! I'm glad I read this post! I just asked a similar question before browsing the forum. I'll have to try with the extract and see how it works out.
Hello all! It's been ages since I've logged into CC! Sure missed being here. Is the old gang still here? Squirrellycakes? TC Turtleshell? I wondered if anyone had ever tried to 'paint' a fondant character with Wilton Paste colors? I made a bird shape with white fondant and want to make it look like a black-capped chickadee..going to try painting it with coloring just like a water color. don't know if it will work. Anyone else ever try this? Thanks much
Hi all Would anyone have a good recipe for a doctored carrot cake mix? Thanks for your help!
I heard another good idea too when it comes to the 'beach' cakes. I've heard you can use coarse granulated brown sugar or 'raw' cane sugar. It's in bigger granules and would look like sand but maybe be more tasty than graham crumbs. I think I'll try it next time I need sand.
Hi! I'm sure it was probably the piping gel. In my opinion, it doesn't taste very good. I made a 'lake' cake once and nobody liked the gel either. My nephew asked me if it was toothpaste! I used to use gel for lettering because it's easier to write with, but the taste made me switch to b/c even though I find it difficult writing with.
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