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This cake on the Wilton Website has a staircase- you might be able to follow/modify their ideas! I've always wanted to make this Halloween cake!
I always love hearing the stories of wedding cakes- especially from baker/ decorators! This is a link to mine here on CC.  I picked out the design from a Wilton book when I was still in high school!  I made it myself, it was so wonderful to make a cake where I was the only person I cared about pleasing!
When I started I was paired with another teacher.  I attended / observed her classes and then I was able to teach each course a month later.  It was nice to be able to see the class, learn the process from a mentor. It was very helpful.   They do also have training seminars,  usually it is in the spring of each year.  They really help you go through each course in detail to perfect technique and give suggestions on how to teach.   Good luck :)
Great Cake!! I'm so shocked it is your first... I would have had no idea you were a beginner!
Thank you for sharing- what beautiful cookies!
I didn't have time to make a large one this year, but I will be making 20+ small ones for my gingerbread party.  It just started snowing here yesterday and it really has put me in the mood for the scent of gingerbread.. so excited for the holidays!
My gingerbread church is done! are your creations coming? I always look so forward to seeing all the new pictures!
I bought a Magic Line Mini Tier set on Ebay. It included the 4 in pan. I found this on ebay now :
That was your disaster? It is so super cute!!! I love your frog and the colors... and think it is great!
The cakes are beautiful... I've flipped through the pictures many times and still can't pick a favorite!I agree about the stress- I don't think I could do it either! I read an article about Diana's wedding and the royal hat maker for that wedding didn't work for quite some time after because he had been so stressed and overworked!
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