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so what about party cakes? We have a client that wants to come and try two of our frostings for a $60 cake!
We are considering saying no to sheet cake orders. Anyone else just "say no" to sheet cakes?
Yes it will break it down. When you attach it, if you can attach with melting chocolates
Those of you who are running a legal home cake business. What are the rules regarding pets in the home? Do they allow you to have dogs, cats, etc.? Thanks!
I am making a haunted house cake. I am making colorflow windows and shutters. When I place these on the cake will they break down? Should I make them with fondant instead?? Thanks ahead of time!
I am making a cake with a Jeep on the top. How do I attatch the Jeep so that it does not roll off of the cake? Royal icing? Thanks!
I used to use Wilton for figures, but had many issues with it. Now I either use CK gumpaste mix or satin ice fondant with tylose mixed in. I recently started using the fondant/tylose mix and prefer it to the gumpaste for figures.
I am making a cake for Friday and the email I recieved from the customer today says: "I just don’t want the cake and especially the icing to be too sweet. I don’t really care for the traditional butter gucky icing." Ok, I have no idea what to do now because I am sure she is referring to buttercream!! Any suggesions would be very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!!
Do you like the one you bought?
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