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Where in NC are you looking? It seems like this kind of pricing needs to be done very much at your local stores. You can go into Sam's and Costco for free not being a member and walk around and check out prices and stuff. But the price of butter is always changing. Sometimes it's $13.99 for 4 pounds, sometimes it's $9.99 I think last week when I went it was $8.89, who knows what it will be next week. I fill the bottom of my freezer with butter when it's cheap.
I did an orange and green one you can see in my photos that had pearls piled up on the ledges as borders - I think the orange cake was a 14", 10" 8" and 6" and it took about 3,000 pearls total. Those small jars used to have a number count on them, so I just added that up - did not COUNT it. If I were to apply pearls like that, I would cut out wax paper or parchment the way I wanted it to taper off and wrap it around the bottom. The wet the fondant on top with water,...
Rinse them with warm water and mild soap mixture well and let them air dry. See what happens. I haven't bought a mold in a while, but I think they do have a bit of a smell on arrival, though not awful smelling.
Nope. Secure it to the board with icing. I personally would box it and then I have a big square cooler that I take when I'm bringing cakes on a road trip. I've brought cakes up to 9 hours away like this.
Welcome to the site! All of you!
I think your response was fine and professional, though maybe a bit long winded.
You have to make some thicker buttercream to create a dam to hold the filling in.
This post totally made me laugh out loud. Last year we did a FN Challenge for WWE wrestling and that was the discussion. What can we make that is not a ring? We don't want to make a ring, everyone will make a ring... See if you can find out favorite wrestlers, they all have something that makes them unique and then you can use that to theme up your cake.
Are you sure he doesn't want the raptor riding a shark with a rocket launcher? (look it up) hah.
I bought mine at the store and it's glass. They still have it last time I was there a few weeks ago, I don't know why it's not online.
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