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I add cocoa powder to my french vanilla batter to make my chocolate. It will be just fine. HTH,Amy
I have a number of the octagonal/corner cut wedding cakes coming up in June/July. When I looked at Fat Diddio's, I found the corner cut pans are not quite the sizes I need....6", 8", etc. Unless I'm looking at it wrong, they're a lot larger in dimension than what I need. So, I have found - also at Fat Diddio's - stainless steel cake rings. I was wondering if anyone has ever used these? Also, can they be used as insets into say a square pan with the batter poured inside...
How many flavors do you usually include with your tastings? How many Filling flavors? How many icings? What is the usual size for the samples? When I book the tasting consultation with a prospective bride, I ask what three (3) cake flavors she'd like to sample. I always have vanilla and chocolate butter cream as samples, and then, an additional bc that will also tie in nicely with her cake sample selections. I bake 6" round sample cakes and cut into 1/4's and then 1/4...
Morselsbymark....I clicked on your web site....I couldn't get past the first page. I could've just licked the chocolate cascade right from the computer screen! That looked delicious! Amy
Your best advertisement is word of mouth. Hands down, this will drive them to you in droves or away from you, depending on the comments. People can make you or break you with word of mouth advertising. I started out taking sample cakes or cupcakes to every bank in the county. Banks are always having monthly bd parties.Take sample cakes to local schools and drop them off with business information in the teacher's lounge. Teachers spread the word like wildfire for you. ...
Ditto for me. I'd love to see the web site! If they are aware of operating "under the radar", to advertise is just plain ignorant and they deserve to get nabbed for it! Amy
I thought of this, too!!!! I can just see my DH..."Only 1/2 the money? No problem"....tearing the cake in 1/2 and carrying the rest back out the door. LMBO!!!! People just never cease to amaze me at their gaul...Amy
Right now, I have in 2-8" rounds; 2-6" rounds and 1-6" square. I have never, ever (knock on wood) had a problem baking like this in my oven. (I have a regular oven in a licensed home-based bakery.) If I have anything larger than an 8" in the oven, I rotate 1/2 through the cycle, but again, I've never had a single problem with them not baking properly and beautifully.Amy
Lovetofrost....your signature line is one of my most favorite verses of scripture. With God, NOTHING is impossible. Love it!Amy
I'm so happy that most of the programming air times are in the evenings. I'll work my fanny off during the day, so I can watch them all! LOL. Oh happy day!!! Amy
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