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Back last summer, I had a bride to call regarding a "fake" cake. She had been told that she could save lots of $$$ by choosing this option. She tried to read me the riot act when I told her that I charged the same for cakes...real or fake. She didn't like that much, but you know what, it's MY business, MY time, MY energy, and MY name on the line. If you start the whole "cheaper version" of the wedding cake, it's the same as a good referral. The word will spread, and...
I have done a weekly e-newsletter for over a year now. In each, I provide a reminder of the current week's schedule; upcoming "booked"/available dates; updated referral discounts; recap of new photos that have been added the previous week on my web site; congrats to the wedding couple(s) that I provided the cake(s) for over the weekend, as well as, a little bit about the facility where the reception took place; weekly specials; upcoming holiday specials; customer... ready for the onslaught of phone calls wanting the "cheaper" fake cake with accompanying sheet cakes after being plugged this a.m. on CNN. Do people not realize the time, effort and energy put into the fake cake is the same as what we'd do for a real cake, minus the baking??? I quote the same price for fake/real cakes.
Sounds like a clear-cut case of the green eyed monster of jealousy rearing it's ugly head. Someone needs a class in good manners. The cake is terrific! You did a great job, and she's clearly trying to take away from your contribution to the festivities. Let it roll off your back...she's big-time jealous. I've heard many of the same comments made about fondant..."I have tried fondant and it's just disgusting." I reply with, "I agree...boxed fondant IS nasty, but...
My first Lupus specialist was named Dr. Payne! God knows, when I was out of remission...just saying his name made me hurt more. :OLoving this thread...I have to find the photo that I snapped at our Chili's a couple of months back, so I don't misquote it...HI-larious! LOL.
I agree, because she certainly isn't making $$$ with those prices. Goodness, I couldn't charge that! I don't know how any business owner could, and make it.
All that I can say is WOW! at your repaired cake!!!! That looks great ~ before and after. I would definitely refund the damaged tiers for the customer.
It's totally a scam! I have gotten a number of variations of the same letter/different date/different name over the past several months. It's totally a scam. Losers! I don't know why people waste our time like this.
I wish that I could help more, but it's basically like everyone else is saying, just cover as you would a regular cake. On that corner that keeps catching...make sure that there aren't any "rough" or protruding places in your BC. Sometimes, I may have problems from that. I just use a warm spatula, and smooth it a wee bit. Sorry I can't be more help! Good luck to you!Amy
Absolutely!!!! A cupcake forum and gallery would be so wonderful!!! I'm always on the lookout for new and creative ideas to offer my customers and I've never failed to find inspiration right here on CC. Definitely...a GREAT idea!!! Amy
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