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I just had a consultation with a bride, and her servings needed have increased from 75-100. She wants a 4-tiered round cake to serve 100. I can't find accurate pan sizes/servings yielded. Can someone help me with this one? Thanks so much!!!
What awful flavor combos!!!! Geesh, most brides WANT their guests to enjoy their cake. This one doesn't sound like it so much. Definitely upcharge for the additional and completely unreal amount of cake flavor/filling combos. Bless your heart. I do believe that I'd be "booked" for this one, and unable to help her at all.
Just wondering what happened once the e-mail was sent? I would hope that any reputable bakery would want to do make ammends for the poor quality of the cake, and keep the customer happy. I always open my boxes when customers arrive for pick up, so that I can physically see and hear their reactions. I want them happy when they walk out of my door.
I agree. It sounds like you need more powdered sugar. Also, you could be overmixing. That will make bc runnier the longer it's mixed.
I can't even imagine your pain at the loss of your son. Please know that my heart and prayers are with you. I pray that you find out some answers soon. (((HUGS)))
Ditto the above post. What ingredients do you use?
I missed it!!!! I'll have to catch it when it comes on again. I'll definitely be looking for the cake that you're all talking about.
It's only natural to feel a little questionable about your career from time-to-time. One thing with the industry that we're in, when it's wedding season...there is no such thing as a set schedule or set hours. It's a constant moving train. The good thing about being self-employed is that if you need a break, simply work it into your schedule. Take additional work on the week prior to the week that you're taking off to supplement the income for the vacation week. It...
I would think that any respectable bakery owner would at least give you something for the turnout of the cake. I just want to cry looking at it! Bless your heart. Definitely share with them what you've shared with've used them in the past without any disappointment or problems, the photos. Truthfully, to me, it looks like more than a missing dowel rod.
Back last summer, I had a bride to call regarding a "fake" cake. She had been told that she could save lots of $$$ by choosing this option. She tried to read me the riot act when I told her that I charged the same for cakes...real or fake. She didn't like that much, but you know what, it's MY business, MY time, MY energy, and MY name on the line. If you start the whole "cheaper version" of the wedding cake, it's the same as a good referral. The word will spread, and...
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