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LOL....I just had a bride to ask me if they paid early, would I take the tax off of the balance? Sure, and I'll ask them at Sam's to take the tax off of my order when I buy the supplies for your cake, too. Astounding! LOL.
We should all be as lucky to come across a deal like that. LOL. People blow my mind sometimes. It never fails to get one of "those" crazy inquiries each week.
I've been looking forward to this show, and FELL ASLEEP before it came on!!!! I'll have to catch reruns of the episode. I can watch cake shows all day long and never tire from them.
DON'T PUT FONDANT IN THE FRIDGE! I delivered a wedding shower cake to one of our local country clubs back in the spring and specifically warned them to NOT put the cake in their walk-in cooler. What did they do? Put it in the cooler. The fondant basically turned to mush, and the fondant bow was crap. The filling will be just fine inside the fondant overlay as long as it's kept in a cool place.As for the two tiered cake option...go for it. 90% of my cakes are...
That has GOT to be something from Sam's, Costco, etc. I don't know of anyone else that could or would sell their cakes for that low of a price. My single layer 1/2 sheets START at $45. You have to get your money's worth, and judging by the photo, this person got what they paid for. I agree about the border comments, too. No way I'd send out a cake looking like that....I've worked way too hard to build my reputation to ruin it.
I use ivory coloring paste. You should be able to find it at any Michael's, Hobby Lobby or AC Moore.
I have gotten to where I use shelf paper. Yep, the same kind that you line cabinets and such with. I use a little doille or parchment in between the cake/board. They work beautifully, and they really go a long way. I pretty much stick with just white and ivory. After all, one or the other will go with everything, right?
Cakery has inspired me, immensely, too. I just LOVE your work. Here are a few of my favorite borders from the past few...
That is so awesome!!! Congratulations! I'm really looking forward to seeing the cake.
Speaking for myself, I'm just happy when it says that one of my cakes is a favorite. That tickles me. As for leaving comments, this web site has become very slow to reload and refresh for me, so if I can just get a cake saved as a favorite, I'm pleased as punch, and I don't think about commenting. Just my .02...
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