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I got it worked out. Thanks anyway Seagoat! My mind is just mush after this morning. I had to step away from the computer for a few minutes, and when I came back, I was fine. LOL. Just one of those days, I suppose.
I am working on the contract for one of my bride's. She needs to serve 250 guests, and wants 5 tiers. The top is to be square/round/square/round/square for the base. Using Earlene's chart, the closest that I'm coming is 291. I figured a 8" sq; 10" rd; 12" sq.; 14" rd; and 16" sq. Can anyone help me get closer to the 250 mark? My mind is just mush right addition to today's regular orders, I had three cake tastings back to back...all before 11am. Good...
I charge $3.25 per serving for fondant. I wouldn't upcharge, because the design is pretty simple, so for me. My charges would be:232 servings x $3.25 per serving = $754Equipment rental = $35Total = $789 + tax
Absolutely NO refund. Your cake is awesome! It's not your fault that her child is spoiled and acting so ungrateful. You fulfilled your end of the contract.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm not surprised at all that you won...your work is always top notch and flawless. You're my cake hero!
I make all of my cakes from scratch. I was raised with my mom making everything from scratch, so I do the same thing.
Doing ANYTHING in this day and age, economy, or otherwise, takes a great leap of faith. Nothing is ever a given or a sure thing. I began my bakery PT almost 3 years ago, and by February of this year, I HAD to leave my FT job or either give up the bakery, because I simply couldn't do both anymore. With that being said, like others have mentioned, as long as you know going in that you will have many, many weeks of long hours...late free weekends....the...
I tell my couple's during the consultation, and also include in my contract, that the final counts, balance and completed contract are all due 30 days prior to the wedding date.
I agree with Indydebi. If she has leftover cake...she's back? I crumb coat my wedding cakes the day before the wedding and leave in the fridge over night. The next morning, I take them out, ice again, and pop back into the fridge to set up before finalizing the decorating. I've always done this, and in fact, I do the same with all of my other cakes. I've never had a single problem or complaint about being frozen, crumby, hard, etc. Unless everything...
My thoughts, too; then consultation couple wanted the fountain, side stairs and in her words, "little people to stand on the stairs." LOL.
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