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I meant to say, My "norm" is 30-50 servings!
I thought the norm was around 30-50 servings. But it all depends on what they want. I would say that grill would serve more. Usually the majority of servings comes from the wedding cake. I love that grill cake! good luck!
i usually make my own orange cake, start with a yellow or white cake mix, add your wilton or americolor orange to it, I like to make mine really orange for the wow factor when they cut into it and then I add orange extract which I can find year round in the baking aisle. My stores never seem to carry orange year round. !
for the lines under the fondant, are you crumb coating with buttercream first? also, I make my wine bottle out of a chocolate mold then I "paint" it with copper luster dust to get a bottle shine look. Dont give up...we see our flaws, customers dont.
Hello, I am looking for any one that bakes in the Louisville, Ky or Southern Indiana area. The reason being is that when I have to turn down orders because I am booked up I have no one to refer my customers to. Please let me know where you are located and your name and telephone number so I can pass this info on. I hate turning down orders but I am only one person and can only do so much. Thanks Kelly
what about adding just a little corn starch to the back part of the mold.Maybe that will help with sticking..
i charge 35.00 for a 1/4 sheet cake which for me is 11x15 and for a 1/2 sheet cake i charge 45.00. that is plain one layered cake. hope that helps.
i just made one and had the shoes red mmf then painted water on them (very light) and dipped them into red crystal sprinkles. shake off the extra sprinkles. I have also seen them made with the red flakes...cannot remember what they are called at this moment. wilton makes it. edible glitter maybe? but start with red shoes then add the red glitter.
NICE SAVE!! That is the way to think!! I have had trouble with toppers before too so I use the same support system on them as I do on my cake layers, cardboard and dowel rods underneath the topper. dont let this get you down!! Keep on cakin'!!!
Thanks everyone for your input!
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