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    Here is the finished product. I was pleased and so was the customer. Thanks for all the suggestion and well wishes. You all are the best here at CC! 
Thank you all for the suggestions. Melanie, I did check your blog and it was certainly helpful. My only issue at this point is that I do not have the ball pans and do not want to purchase them for only 1 cake. Unfortunately I will be carving stacked rounds like Alicia :-/ Guess who will be making cake pops!!!! I'm off to get started and hopefully I can upload a photo once it is complete.Thanks again!
I think the cookie should be done as shown and let the packaging be where the "dressing up" comes in.
Hello my fellow cakers!I have been asked to do a baby shower cake in the shape of a pregnant belly and chest with the tiny footprint in the belly. I think I can figure most of it out but wanted to see what you all do for this. She only wants it to feed 15 - 20 people. How do you make the tiny footprint?Thanks for your help,Treena
Ok, I found a pound cake recipe that called for 2 tablespoons for a loaf to feed 8-10. Since I do not want the mint to be overpowering, I'm only going to add 1 tablespoon finely chopped.......unless someone can suggest otherwise!Thanks!
My recipe does not call for mint. Nor can I find a recipe that does. That's why I'm questioning how much fresh mint to toss in. It is such a strong flavor that I know it can't be overpowering. Less is best but I sure wish I knew how much! =)
I have a client asking for "gourmet" carrot cake. I have a preferred recipe and no questions about suiting him other than he wants it to have fresh mint leaves in it. My recipe makes 3 - 9 inch rounds. How much mint should I chop to add the right balance?Thanks!
That's what I did....sugar free......I had added pudding before with no trouble. The grocery store only had SF yesterday so now I know.It's been sitting all night and it is still grainy. I'm afraid I must start over.I have added jello before when trying to achieve red. I would suggest dissolving it in a very small amount of hot water before adding it though. You don't want the same problem that I'm having. =)
I added a box of Sugar Free Pudding to my usual BC. I can't get the grainy feel out of it. Nothing that I have tried works. Any suggestions please?
Thanks for the help.It actually is Sugar Free pudding and I'm letting it sit as I type so hopefully it will get better. I added a bit of hot water and beat it to death in my mixer hoping that would dissolve it. Now it is cooling so we'll see.Thanks again, Treena
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