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I have used the Americolor gels and they have not changed the taste of the batter. My kids love the inside of their cakes colored!
My mixer went out like that, and it ended up just being a fuse that had blown. It might be worth having it looked at by repairman. I think it cost $20.00. I have had my kitchen aid for 8 years and it is still going.
When I bought mine, the lady told me to make sure I put those frosting sheets in the freezer also. I still have some cracking, but not like with not freezing them.
I also got an email from AC Moore that they will be selling it for the same price tomorrow. I will be there bright and early to see if I can snag one!!
I will definately take pics. Keep the ideas coming, it does not have to be church related either. It can be any theme, just something simple enough they can mkae in 4 hours.
Our church is hosting a cake challenge for the youth at our church. I need some ideas for easy themes. The contestants range from 6th to 12th grade. They will be auctioning off the cakes afterwards to raise money for a mission trip. They have a four hour time limit on this challenge. Please give me a few themes that they might could handle. Now if I can just find a few local cake celebrities to make it feel authentic for them.
I have frozen fodant cakes before when parties were postponed. It might sweat abit while it is thawing, but usually they do okay. I put my daughter's cake in the freezer, but there was no fondant on it, just BC. I'll put the fondant ccents on next weekend.
They will be lucky to have the party on Sunday also. After the snow, we are supposed to get ice which is worse than the snow. If you can get it in the fridge, do that, then you might be transferring to the freezer depending on what we get. Thank goodness my cakes got moved to other weekends, my daughter's included. I don't think Chuck E Cheese will be open on Sunday. LOL
I do not think the bowl should wobble. I have started having trouble with mine, but I think it is the gear. Last month it was a fuse. I think I might need to replace. It is much louder sounding than the 4.5
I was using my Kitchen Aid the other day making NFSC, and the phone rang and I forgot it was running. The motor had stopped and the unit was hot and the back of it had turned a little blck. I thought Oh Great, just what I need to replace a $450.00 600 Pro mixer. I decided to try and take it to the appliance repair place just to see, it was a fuse!! $30.00 fix. The guy said they have a reset fuse in them that when the machine gets worked too hard it gets shut off to cool...
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