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For stability, I've seen people use that Tempurpedic foam that you buy for beds for transporting because it keeps them from wobbling. ( Remember the commercial with the woman jumping on the bed and the glass of wine doesn't spill? LOL) I have thought about buying a twin-sized piece of it and cutting it to fit my vehicles. Just haven't done it yet!
That's good thinking.Oh, and I realized after i posted this that this subject line is similar to the other thread posted, but it seemed that the other was more about that specific issue than an "any given day" complaint. I wasn't trying to be a copycat, I promise!
After reading some of your stories, I'm feeling a little anxious, lol.I have 2 cakes coming up, and while I feel confident about both jobs, I still get all the "what-ifs" if I think too long about it.So how do you handle a complaint? Do you just right off the top offer a discount? Or a partial/full refund? Or do you just apologize and tell them you're sorry they felt that way? Should you tell them you'll get back to them after you discuss/research it? If "the customer is...
Bay leaves! I've never heard that trick before! I'll have to try it.
I've had them in flour before and it's ruined entire dinners, lol! I learned to keep that stuff in sealed containers as well. Once they get into one thing, it's like they feel like they've struck gold in your pantry and they will make their way into everything..mac-n-cheese, oatmeal, taco seasoning...a total pain in the butt, for sure! I buy the Glad containers to keep my sugars and flours in.
Awe, I'm sorry. It bugs me how some things that should just be common sense (like the box top being more for decoration) to some people just go right over their heads. I think you were more than generous in offering a 50% discount, especially when you yourself had approved of the recipe you used. Some people just complain for the sake of complaining. Try not to beat yourself up over it. You did you part and then some.
I had no idea about the whole air pockets thing, but it makes total sense! I know they are fluffy and have air, I just never thought about compressing it! And coupled with the fact that I probably didn't have enough powdered sugar, it was a recipe for disaster, lol!!Thanks so much for the info!
Yeah, that was my first thought, wasn't quite done in the middle. I'm sorry!
Well, I don't overbake, and I burn my fingers too, getting them from the oven so it must be el-cheapo liners, lol!! The last ones I bought were from Michael's...Wilton, actually, so I thought they'd be better, but they weren't. I'm making cupcakes to go with a Wizard of Oz cake later this month, and I found the blue gingham print like Dorothy's dress so I was all excited. It also came with green and red gingham, so I used those for other cupcakes, and they soaked thru.
I've had that same problem. The oils in the cake soak thru and defeat the purpose of a pretty wrapper. The only thing I've noticed that helps is double wrappers. I've accidentally done that and realized how it looked pretty..then I noticed it was because I accidentally had 2 wrappers in the cup, lol. Or the trusty foil papers always look nice. I haven't really looked, but maybe there are some better quality papers you can get out there that won't look icky?
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