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Usually grainy cream cheese icing is from previous frozen cream cheese.
Sharon,What do you do with the egg yolks for your durable cake recipe? Do you buy just pasteurized egg whites? I wonder if it's still durable if I added both the whites and the yolks......what do you think?
TT pans.
I bought two of the TT cake pans. I hope to ice in buttercream, but to use melted chocolate to glue the tiers together. Royal will not work since it can't dry well. I will not carve a hole.
She buttercreamed that cake in the link, then it's covered in fondant.
Topsy Turvy cakes aren't level either. So your statement does not hold.
I don't see a problem with it in the lap. It's only one tier.
The Premium sheets are white, correct? Can I color these by airbrushing? If I want pre-colored ones, do you recommend the electronic cutting sheets? Also, the iPrint feature you offer is for us to print them or you print them for us? I do not have a food printer. I am only interested in cutting the sheets into designs. Thank you. cat
Are the premium sheets good to use with an electronic cutter?
That's way to much. Use about 1/8 tsp. at first, taste, repeat the 1/8 tsp. if needed.
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