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I'll second...*****Dark and Mysterious*****and add...*****"Falling" in Love*****Now to get to work on my 'HOME' submission... nothing like waiting for the last minute.
Oh too funny!.... but true!
Okay, I'm a bit late with posting but here they are...... an alien cake I just did for Labor Day (definitely not my best work but it tasted great ), and... a Yoda cake I did awhile back.
Mine is in the works too... hopefully this weekend or next I will get on it.adven68 - the zodiac cake is gorgeous!
Mmmmmmm.... butterscotch snitches.... mmmmmmm :insert Homer Simpson drooling:Very clever... and cute too.
We have definitely strayed waaaayyyyyy off topic!! Someone sent the pic to me awhile back... eye candy, I believe she called it. PM me if you'd like a copy... Gina Grand Mistress of White Chocolate (at least for today)
Thank you!! Thank you!!I'm happy to share... there's ah... plenty... to ah... go around. If you know what I mean... Gina Grand Mistress of White Chocolate... I kinda like the sound of that...
Melvira - I have PM'd the pic to you... Enjoy!! I am now bestowed with the title ofGinaGrand Mistress of White Chocolate
I was hoping Melvira would post the pic from Equus! Woohoo! Oh, and I have the full pic without the d*mn spot... NICE!!!
Smackalicious... I love it! You gals are cracking me up.
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