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Thank you all so much for your :grin:help
Thank you for your help:-)
HA too funny AZcouture I thought almost the same...I have a feeling this is ceramic...I have a friends daughter that wants this done?!
Can anyone tell me what this is? 
thank you soo much peg818 sound way better than stamping out all those circles. No I do not own an airbrush. Any tips on laying the fondant. I'm very comfortable with regular cakes but no experience on laying it on a 3d cake. Again thank you for all your help!
Ok I've bitten off way more than I can chew! Any help would be appreciated. My nephew is wanting this cake, I've warned him that it may just come to him looking like a pile of fondant but I will try! I do not know who did the original to give the credit to, but it is beautiful!The plan would be to carve the body add RKT for the neck, head and bottom part of the back feet. I don't see the front feet but I will add some there also?! Dirty ice the cake then cut the fondant in...
This cake has a silver look on the out side. What did they use? Any help would be great! Thank you so much!
Ok sooo this may very well be a silly question.....What about the alcohol content. Does the smell come with it?
Thank You ladies so much.....when making your vanilla what is the color? Dark? Clear?
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