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someone just ordered a housewarming cake from me. I wanted to put different kind of house hold items on the cake but am wondering does anyone know if they sell furniture molds whether for fondant or chocolate? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Im in need of a coffee flavored frosting. I am making a Chocolate Cake and they asked for a coffee frosting since the person the cake is for loves coffee. If anyone has any good recipes or can tell me what to add to the buttercream to make it coffee flavored it would be very appreciated. Thank You.
Pastry Pride? Never heard of it. What is it exactly?
If anyone has a recipe to make a strawberry and banana filling please share with me. I have a request for it and have no clue were to start.
Thanks for the help.
Im going to attempt to make my first batch of gumpaste and wanted to know if i can i add a drop of flavoring like vanilla, lemon or them chocolate flavoring they have like mint or strawberry?
Can anyone help me out? I want to try to make a pudding filling for my cakes I never did this so I need help in finding a good recipe. Thanks
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