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I love a happy ending! Glad it worked out for you.
I also use SMBC in my fondant covered cakes and stick them in the fridge all the time. What I do is that I turn the fridge setting to the midway point and make sure it is dry, with no smelly food in sight.When you take it out of the fridge, the fondant (depending on what brand you use) might sweat a bit but it evaporates after a while.
I learnt this trick at a cake workshop I attended and I hope I can explain it properly. Once you've baked and cooled the cake, take the tin you baked it in and place in the centre of it a number of small round/square thin cards. Then pop the cake back in the tin and once you are happy with the height you want to trim it to, take a large serrated knife and using the edge of the tin as a guide, level your cake.
Thanks for starting this thread. I already have some stencils but haven't used them yet. Love the tip cakesrock!
Thanks njoycakes! What a lovely thing to say. I really appreciate your support! I went into the competition not expecting anything and it was nice to win three out of three challenges.
PS:For CC members who want to watch last night's show, click on
Thanks Jayne! What a lovely thing to say. I must admit that I didn't think I had any chance of winning at all. I felt like the underdog and for me it was just a nice day out and an opportunity to meet other cake makers. All the cakes I did were challenging for a number of reasons and I took a huge risk in using techniques I'd never done before. For me, it was the opportunity to do and learn somethig new that spurred me on (sorry to prattle on!)
Thanks ladies! Very much appreciate you taking the time to watch the show and also appreciate your encouraging words!
LOL! Thanks for the kind words lam159! I really don't see myself in that way at all! For the castle cake, I put LOTS of Tylose in some fondant and rolled it up into tubes using Debbie Brown's method. I find her books very good for modelling stuff. In the shows I took part in so far (Glamour and Safari Animals, I won all of them
lam159 I think the show is UK based but you can view it online via Wedding TV's website or the links I've posted. It's not as high energy or dramatic as the US shows which I totally adore, but I'm just honoured to have taken part.
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