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There is a web site now where you can watch live owl camera's it started last year with a pair Molly and McGee, they had thousands of people watching, the eggs hatch through the whole fledgeling thing. now on this site there are 6 owls pairs. these people are die hard owl fans and I do have to say it is pretty cool to watch, there are other animals on these sites from all over the world. thanks
Sometimes when this happens to me, I cut a small piece of carboard and shim it up abit. lol
I watched the show last night too, loved his work, wish there was more. I would not be able to work with that much family, its to hard to reprehend for bad business matters, his sister's phone manners would be a huge problem for me. wow I would never talk to a customer like that. All that yelling a would drive me nuts, I like a little peace an quiet when I'm doing delicate work.
What about a purse cake.. I don't know the age of the birthday girl. but a purse may be cute.. yellow with lemon filling or maybe a baverian cream.raspberry too. anyway the flowers and the fruit could be on the side of the purse.hope this helps.
I always give my top tier to the couple as a gift, no charge. Its a nice little gesture that keeps them coming back for more. its usually only an 6" or 8" anyway... no biggy. and I seem to always have alittle batter left over, so I make little cakes for this and baby smash cakes. I just throw them in the freezer with a date on them.
The best lemon pie i've ever made was on the back of a CORNSTARCH box.
It should have set up , if it is cool, try adding a little cornstarch to alittle water and whip it in to the curd you have already made. that should do the trick.
Its called Rich's bettercream.
You don't have to be a member at gordon foods service,If you are friendly with your local grocery store and they get Gordon deliverys, you may ask if they could order you some. the case here in Indiana is 12 per case $ 45.00 a case they are 32oz cartons ( 2pounds) of liquid and it also comes in choc. too. the vanilla you add nothing and just whipp it up. I love it. I know this sounds expensive but one does a 12x18 sheet cake with all the borders and some to spare. I...
I worked at wal_mart for 8 months and the whipped they use is rich bettercream, it comes in frozen in buckets 1 gallon or 3 gallon. and its already colored. I use the liquid bettercream from Gordon food service, Its frozen in quart cartons and thaws very fast, I buy it buy the case and keep frozen until I need it. I love to use this, its a non dairy so it can sit out with no worries. and it so smooth to work with, I just got a wedding cake order this week for whipped, the...
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