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Hi Lutie
Thank you imagenthatnj for posting the website for the babycakes in the Cake Pop Roller thread.
FromScratchSF, I'm glad you found the babycakes pop maker. I did the vanilla recipe that comes with the box, just to try it, and they turn out so cute, we couldn't stop eating them. Next time I will definitely use one of my recipes for better flavor. Like you the first batch was not very good but the others were much better. I did use a ziploc bag to fill to the top and flipped them after 3 minutes to get a golden color on all sides. I did not dip them in chocolate so I'm...
If anyone is looking for the babycakes pop maker, I e-mail the company and it will be back in-stock the first week of May. You can also find it at Kohl's. I bought one today on sale for $20, regular price $30. Have not tried it yet, will do this weekend. HTH
Check this post from last year,
I found this website and you should be fine leaving them out overnight.Maraschino cherries:Unopened: 3 to 4 years Opened: 2 weeks at room temperature; 6 months refrigerated
I think is this one:
This is the google doc that Melvira created:
bobwonderbuns, is this the one your looking for? also has one using Nutter Butters. HTH
The other recipes they have is for One-Step Pound Cake with grated lemon or orange peel, sour cream, margarine or butter and 3 eggs. They also have Kentucky Butter Cake with buttermilk, margarine or butter and 4 eggs. Those are the only ones I can see are pound cakes. Let me know if you want the recipes.
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